Waxwing Puzzle Co | About
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What is Waxwing?

Waxwing is a hybrid game/event design company in Chicago. We try to create experiences that transcend simple entertainment. In our games you will come face-to-face with your limitations as you try to solve puzzles, crack clues, think on your feet way outside the box. You will be taken to corners of Chicago you’ve never seen. You will see whole new sides of your friends (and yourself). And, just maybe, you will have an experience you won’t forget.


That got wordy. I admit I skipped it. Do you have a tagline version?

Fair enough. Choose from these:

1. Waxwing: Fun on tap since 2011.
2. Waxwing: For those who never grew out of “Tag.”
3. Waxwing: Playfully descending Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

How can I learn more?

The two best ways are:

1. Read reviews from past players on Trip Advisor.

2. Email us. Tell us about yourself.

What kinds of “adventures” are we talking here?

Treasure hunts, murder mysteries, laser tag in public places, capture the flag in museums, game tournaments… you get the picture. Check out the Adventures page to learn more.

Who are these adventures for?

Groups of all sizes, companies looking for something more than a run-of-the-mill corporate event, birthday and bachelor parties, strangers, friends, Romans, countrymen.

What are “Custom Games”?

Custom games are just what they sound like – you name it, we build it. Want us to kidnap the groom and make the rest of the bachelor party solve a series of clues to rescue him? Been there, done that. Want us to make a spy-themed adventure for your 15 year old’s birthday party? Not a problem. Need a digital puzzle hunt for 500 deployed downtown before your meeting next week? Just let us know.

Wait, you mean you will make anything I want?

How do I book a game?

Go to the Contact page, fill out the form, and we’ll take it from there.

How much does this cost?

Regular Games
$2,000 for first 15 players
+$40 for each additional player

Custom Games
$4,000 for for 15 players
+$40 for each additional player