Waxwing Puzzle Co | Everlasting Man
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Welcome to the Riddle of the Everlasting Man, a web-puzzle & art project ruminating on the question of what it means to be human in preparation for the Journey to the End of the Night, a game of robots vs. humans urban tag in September 2012.

{best with headphones}

To begin the Riddle of the Everlasting Man:

1. Listen to the rules of the rules of the riddle by clicking on the word “Question”. (Hint: several of the words on the image link to audio files.)

2. Begin listening to the other poems and finding the specific words that have been changed from the original version of the poems.

3. Once you have found all the altered words, arrange them in a sentence. That sentence is a clue to the password. The clue gives you a hint to which poem contains the password and also which word within that poem is the actual password.

4. Once you have found the password, click “Answer” and type it into the password dialog box when prompted, then receive your reward!

5. When you have solved the riddle, email info@waxwingpuzzleco.com so that we can be sure you receive your reward. Also, to sign up for the Journey to the End of the Night, click “Play.”