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The Feds vs. the Mob in Prohibition Chicago

Speakeasy is a prohibition era, role playing event in which all the players receive secret roles (either as a mobster in Capone’s mob or as a federal agent trying to bring down the mob.) It is like a conventional murder mystery in that the participants themselves are part of the action, but unique in that there are no scripts, no insiders, and no actors. This is a truly interactive social game whose outcome is completely determined by the players ability to master their respective role, formulate a strategy, and organize their fellow teammates.

Speakeasy pulls from Chicago’s exciting history of Mob folklore to involve its players in a complex intermingling of strategy and role-playing. players will receive secret roles ranging from Dirty Cop to Bootlegger, District Attorney, or Al Capone himself. From then on, it’s the Mob versus the Feds for as long as it takes for Eliot Ness and the good guys to bring down Capone—or, history being free to rewrite itself, for Capone to shake off the Untouchables for good. (*Speakeasy is our most popular game on Trip Advisor!)

Sign up for an upcoming event on our registration page or schedule one of your own by emailing info@waxwingpuzzleco.com.

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Clues, Puzzles, and Secrets in the Tunnels Under the Loop

Labyrinth is a treasure hunt played over the course of a few hours in the Chicago Pedway, a system of underground tunnels beneath the heart of downtown that takes you through parking garages, businesses, civic buildings, malls, and miles of subterranean corridors! Players will compete against other teams in an open or private event to be the first to track down four “marks,” Waxwing confederates waiting in hidden locations who will give each team a challenge and a piece of the final clue. The first team to find all four “marks” is the winner.

To join a game or create your own visit our registration page. See you soon!


Spy Game

A real-life spy adventure. 

Spy Game is like being James Bond for a day (minus the submarine cars and laser watches, of course). In the game, players employ various spy skills in a continually unfolding espionage story line. 

When the game begins, players know they have to meet a certain contact at a certain place. Beyond that, it is a mystery. Cracking that mystery and figuring out what is really going on is part of the fun. 

The Three Phases

Spy Game is one of Waxwing’s most customizable games, but usually consists of three phases: The Tail, The Drop, and The Hit.

The Tail: Players are given a simple task (following someone through a crowded street, losing a tail, surveilling a business, recruiting assets, etc.) and the game begins. 

The Drop: Players encounter one of many twists and the game changes. Some things you thought you knew are no longer true. Some people you thought you could trust, you can’t. Now you have to figure out what is really going on before its too late. 

The Hit: Phase three is a battle royal in which you use the skills and alliances you’ve picked up so far in the game to make sure your team comes out on top, or, failing that, that at least you do.

Sign up for an upcoming event on our registration page or schedule one of your own by emailing info@waxwingpuzzleco.com.



A Chase Game with a Waxwing Twist

You walk into a building. You check the exits. You make sure you aren’t being followed. In one pocket is your weapon, a cheap squirt gun. In the other pocket is a picture of someone you have to ambush—maybe somebody you’ve never even met. You are searching for them. Here’s the catch: Someone is also searching for you with a squirt gun and your picture in their pocket. Nowhere is safe. No one is on your side. You can’t stop running. Welcome to Ambush.

Ambush is a game played out over the course of one week or one hour—it depends on you. All the players have a squirt gun and a picture of someone else in the game. It is catch or be caught; ambush or get ambushed. When you do successfully track your mark down and blast them with your squirt gun they give you the picture of the person they were hunting and the game continues… until only one person is left standing.

Currently Ambush scheduled only by request. To schedule a game for 20-200 people, email info@waxwingpuzzleco.com.