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Orange Bonus Track

To win this bonus, text the name of the
murderer to the emcee.
Your team only gets one guess, so choose wisely.

The Story:

A police officer walked into a bar that was the scene of a murder the night before. He had received an anonymous tip from a witness that the last man to enter the bar the previous night committed the murder. The officer decided to question the bartender to see what he remembered.

The Bartender didn’t witness the murder, but he did remember a few things about who was there last night. He  said, “Seven tall men came to the bar last night. Their names were Larry, Moe, Ned, Otis, Peter, Sammy, and Turlington, but I don’t remember in what order they entered. What I do remember is:

Peter was either the first or last to enter.
Ned got here after Larry (but not necessarily immediately after).
Turlington showed up some time after Moe.
There was one guy who came in between Larry and Otis, and I don’t remember who got here first.
There was another guy who came here between Moe and Peter, but I don’t know what order they got here in, either.”
The police officer walked away, saddened, because the bartender’s testimony was  not enough information to figure out who got the bar last, and thus committed the murder. As he walked away, however, the Barkeep added, “Oh, and Turlington was the fourth guy.”

The officer scribbled on a napkin for a few minutes and then announced the last man into the bar was ________.